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How to Submit an App for Review


We welcome requests for reviews, news releases, and previews for existing or upcoming iOSand Android apps for kids. As we are launching we are currently offering the first 10

 apps or press releases submitted free of charge. Thereafter app reviews, news releases, and previews will be charged at a flat fee of US$60 per post.


Due to the volume of apps available - our policy is to only review apps of a higher quality - we do try to evaluate every title submitted. If you have an app that you’d like us to check out, please send an email to



Tips for Getting Faster Replies


We try to process every request as soon as we can, and it would help if you follow these tips when emailing us.




The more information we have on your app, the easier it is for us to decide whether your app would be a great fit for our site. Here is a checklist of things you should include in your email:


App name

App Store link

Pricing model: is it paid, free, or free with IAPs?

Link to a trailer or gameplay video (preferred over screenshots)


Press release documents

Planned release date if the app has not been made public already

Please attach the files separately (not in a zipped file).




If you are willing to provide a promo code for your app, please include it in your first email. We advise generating a fresh code every time. We only need one promo code, and we will always let you know when we have redeemed it.


Please note that a promo code does not guarantee that your app will be reviewed on the site. It is only used for evaluation purposes.




We prefer to review apps that have been finalized and are ready for sale, but exceptions may be made. If you’d like to provide us with a preview copy of your app through TestFlight, please email us first and wait for a reply.


What to Do If You Didn't Get a Reply


If you don't hear from us within 2 weeks of sending an email that contains a promo code, please send us a follow-up email. If we still do not reply within 2 weeks of that follow-up email, consider it a rejection notice.


Commercial Promotion, Promoted Posts, Paid Keywords, and Link Exchanges


We take pride in the content that we create and publish on the site. We feel that our readers value our voice, and so we want to maintain producing high-quality and original content that truly reflect our honest opinions. We will review opportunities for other commercial promotions on a case by case basis. For more info contact us on






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